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HyperOps / F.A.Q.
Does HyperOps have its own datacenters?

small_face_gedasSince inception in 2004, we have been focusing on providing superior managed hosting services with the emphasis on “managed”. Our primary added value – and our key differentiator – is highly reliable personalized service provided by our expert team of systems administrators, systems architects, applications engineers and security specialists. In that we are different from most hosting companies who put their energy and resources into construction and reliable operation of physical datacenters, but are lacking in capability – or willingness – to address hosting issues that individual customer have.

We operate in 8 different datacenters across Northern and Western Europe as well as the United States – see the Datacenters page for details. We only work with datacenter providers who have proven to have focus on high reliability, operational excellence and cost-effectiveness, and who continuously invest in the latest infrastructure technologies.

For the benefit of our customers in need of cloud hosting, we are working tightly with three main global cloud providers Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud. We provide full support for systems based on those platforms as well as use those resources in our Hybrid Cloud offerings.

Are you offering an online control panel that I could use to administer my virtual or physical machine?

No, we do not offer a control panel. Our view is, if you want to use a control panel, you are either a skilled systems administrator yourself – in which case you do not need the managed hosting services provided by our sysadmins and engineers – or a hobbyist with very simple hosting needs. Honestly, either way you would probably want to use services of a hosting company which is focused on providing baseline hosting services at the lowest possible cost and expect the customers to manage their systems themselves via web-based control panels.

By contrast, our customers typically outsource management of their online platforms, applications and websites to our team exactly because they don’t want to do it themselves. Hence no customer-facing control panels at HyperOps – we are taking full responsibility for management of your systems. Our systems administrators on duty are available 24/7/365 to make any changes that your machines or applications require.

In case you are a system administrator yourself but would like to expand the capacity of your team by outsourcing part of systems management responsibility to us (e.g. want us to manage your systems outside of working hours) – contact us and we will discuss the possible collaboration models.

Do you back your availability guarantees with service credits or financial compensations in case availability goes below agreed target?

Yes. Contrary to most hosting services providers who promise 99.9%-99.99+% (and sometimes unrealistic high) availability in their ads but have vague definitions of availability targets in their Service Level Agreements, we back our availability promises with iron-clad contractual obligations to provide financial compensations should your server’s, application’s or website’s availability fall below the availability target set in the SLA. For some of our custom tailored SLA-X customers, the contractually agreed financial compensations for violations of availability standards exceed the fees they pay for our services.

Furthermore, our automatic monthly  reports (that are standard with SLA-2 and up) include full details on any scheduled or unscheduled downtime affecting your servers, applications or websites, and in the rare cases when we miss the agreed availability standards, we automatically reduce our monthly fees or issue service credits for the period as required by the SLA – you do not have to ask for it.

Can you host my website in multiple datacenters for increased availability?

Yes. We do that for many of our customers who see even a few minutes of downtime – affecting even a fraction of their user base – as unacceptable. For our most demanding clients that entrusted our team with management of their customer-facing websites and online applications we have implemented multi-datacenter hosting setups that allow their websites to remain available to all or most of the users even if an entire datacenter is taken out by a natural disaster or a massive DDoS attack.

Can you host my website across multiple datacenters located in different countries or continents for even better availability?

Yes. Again this is something we already do for some of our clients who achieve superhigh level of availability and reliability, for instance, by keeping their primary servers in the U.S. and their secondary servers in Germany or the Netherlands. We also have clients who choose to host their sites across different locations within the EU (e.g. between London and Vilnius or Frankfurt and Amsterdam) to avoid having to deal with different personal data protection regulations inside and outside of EU.

I am considering outsourcing administration of our cloud-hosted systems to HyperOps but would prefer to stay with my provider X. Would that be a problem?

The short answer is no, it would not. We are managing AWS, Azure and Google Cloud based systems and web applications for clients providing them with the same SLAs that we are offering for customer on our managed infrastructure. However Terms and Conditions apply. We can only sustain availability as well as your Cloud provider can run its platform.

As a side note we also have subsidiary programs that help you to migrate to AWS, Google Cloud or Azure.

My web application runs on Linux and I require cloud hosting. Isn’t Azure a Windows-based hosting provider?

This is a common misperception which is also entirely understandable given that Azure is a Microsoft service. Luckily the answer is no – Virtual Machines on Azure Cloud can run both Windows Server and a number of Linux distributions. Most HyperOps customer who use Azure Cloud are running on Linux.

So what is the best Public Cloud provider today? Is it Azure, AWS or Google?

Each of the service giants has their own strengths and weaknesses. The answer depends on your geographical origin of operation, privacy requirements, application architecture and your DevOps skillset. Let us help you select the most optimal choice.

Datacenter tiers? Which one is right for me?

We work in datacenters that are graded as Tier-II and Tier-III by Uptime Institute. The differences between them in regards to approximated availability is subtle but important one. However if your requirements for high availability are extremely high it is always better to setup infrastructure on two good datacenters rather than on a single excellent datacenter. The old saying “Dont put all your eggs in one basked” is still valid when we talk servers and datacenters.

One More Question?

We are constantly expanding our FAQ section – but if your question is not answered on this page, write to us or call us and we will provide the answer.

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