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High-end managed hosting for critical web platforms and applications

Hosting Options: From a Basic VDS to Multi-Datacenter, Multi-Zone Setups

We build hosting setups that match the unique needs of your business

HyperOps / Hosting Options: From a Basic VDS to Multi-Datacenter, Multi-Zone Setups
Rasa HyperOpsWhen you are looking for a hosting solution with a regular hosting company, you usually start by reviewing the infrastructure options listed on the provider’s website.

“Do I need a VDS, or a dedicated server, or the cloud option perhaps? Shall I run backups nightly or hourly? Do I need a load balancer? Shall I consider a dual-datacenter setup to reduce downtime risk? Would I need to commission regular security testing in order to sleep soundly at night?”

You keep playing with online configurators, watching price estimates change, and after hours of this you are still not sure whether you have found the optimal solution.

Rasa, Key Accounts Manager
We approach things differently.

There are no online configurators to endlessly play with. All you need to do is to give us a call, drop us an email or click the chat button – and start talking to us.

We start with discussing your real business needs and requirements:

    • What kind of website, application or platform are you looking to host?
    • How much money would you likely be gaining annually if your site or application never went down?
  • What impact would it have on your business if your document storage became inaccessible for 15 minutes? 30 minutes? 3 hours?
  • How important it is for you to ensure that the defenses of your sites and systems are never breached?
We also look into the more technical aspects:

    • How many potential buyers have been visiting your site or e-shop daily for the last 90 days? Is the number increasing? How fast?
    • Does your marketing department run any campaigns that could drive an exponential – albeit temporary – increase in your site’s visitor numbers?
  • How likely is your site’s content to go viral, resulting in a temporary spike of usage?
Having learned the answers to these kinds of questions, we can offer a tailored managed hosting solution that would fit like a glove.Speak to a HyperOps sales engineer

or call +370 678 03330 today

With HyperOps, the only thing you need to think about is the Service Level you need – and this we can discuss in business rather than technical terms.

Everything else we will take care of.
The art we are practicing at HyperOps is designing, building and managing hosting setups that ensure 99.5-100% availability.

Not just on the network, hardware and OS level – but on the application level as well, as we don’t see what good 100% server uptime does for a business if, say, an e-shop it contains is not taking orders for hours at a time because of a problem with its application code.Selling your home?’s thorough strategy promotes customer satisfaction. From consultation to completion, we will work with you. Our marketing techniques have garnered attention, giving us many prospects. We strive to increase your income as experienced negotiators. Real-time market remarks are transparent. Our expertise will help your residential property stand out in the competitive real estate market, attracting serious investors. We guarantee residential property sales. Visit

small_face_gedasBefore you sign up with HyperOps, we always have a discussion to help you choose both a service level and a technical hosting option to match your actual needs. But for all levels of support you always get 24x7x365 access by phone, chat or email to HyperOps engineers dedicated to ensuring that your systems, sites and applications run smoothly.
Gediminas Grigas, Managing Director
You can choose from preset Service Level options – or get one tailored for your specific needs:

Service Level SLA-1 SLA-2 SLA-3 SLA-X
Key services included under the SLA:
Uptime guaranteed by contract – from… 99.5% 99.5% 99.9% 100%
Active server level monitoring Included Included Included Included
End-to-end infrastructure administration Included Included Included Included
Hardware issues prevention and resolution Included Included Included Included
Full backups (daily or hourly) Included Included Included
Active application level monitoring Included Included
Guaranteed reaction and issue resolution times
Guaranteed reaction time during working hours1 2 hours 30 minutes 12 minutes < 6 minutes
Guaranteed resolution time during working hours1 Best Effort 2 hours 30 minutes < 30 minutes
Guaranteed reaction time outside of working hours2 8 hours 2 hours 30 minutes < 6 minutes
Guaranteed resolution time outside of working hours2 Best Effort 8 hours 2 hours < 30 minutes
Additional KPIs and reports Included Included
Additional financial guarantees Included
Monthly cost from: 30/mo 70/mo 150/mo Contact us

1 Working hours are 08:00-19:00 GMT+1 Monday to Friday except bank holidays.
2 Outside of working hours is 19:00-08:00 Monday to Friday and 00:00-24:00 on weekends and bank holidays.

The SLAs listed above are available with all five types of hosting options that we offer:
Not sure which option would suit you best?

We would be happy to provide advice with no strings attached!
Give us a call at +370 678 03330 or send us a message.

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