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Virtual Machines

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HyperOps / Virtual Machines
HyperOps Virtual Machines are virtual dedicated servers built for speed and scalability.
They give you performance and stability necessary for reliably running your websites and applications. If you are experiencing spikes of traffic to your site, or need to run a complex application that requires instant scalability then our Virtual Machines should suit you very well.

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Single vCPU

Starting at

Scale up as needed


50GB RAID-1 storage

1Tb outbound traffic

Ideal for:

  • Entry Level Web hosting
  • Development Sandbox
  • Simple Email Serving

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or call +370 678 03330

Dual vCPU

Starting at

Scale up or down as needed


100Gb RAID-1 storage

1Tb outbound traffic

Ideal For:

  • Freelance developers
  • Moderate Sized Websites
  • SMB Back-Office Applications

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or call +370 678 03330

Quad vCPU

Starting at

Scale up or down as needed


200Gb RAID-1 storage

2TB outbound traffic

Ideal For:

  • High Transaction Applications
  • CPU Intensive Applications
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions

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All our Virtual Machine offerings include:

  • Full setup services
  • Full administrator access
  • Hardware uptime guarantee
  • 1 Gbps internet connectivity
  • Firewalls, VPNs and other additions available
  • Extension and upgrade options including external storage solutions
  • Baseline support and consultations
  • Need anything else? Talk to our helpful sales engineers!

Use of all HyperOps products and services is subject to Acceptable Use Policy.

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