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High-end managed hosting for critical web platforms and applications

End-to-End Systems Management Services

Our skilled systems administrators take care of your servers and infrastructure so you can focus on your business

HyperOps / End-to-End Systems Management Services
Why trouble yourself with managing your servers and IT infrastructure when you can have a team of experts take great care of them 24/7/365 – and probably at a lower total cost?
HyperOps Team

For over 10 years we have been reliably managing systems and infrastructure for demanding clients ranging from banks, insurance companies, retailers, e-commerce leaders and clinical research companies to SMEs and rapidly growing startups.

Taking over management of your existing systems

If you are already running software systems and servers critical to your business and are looking to either fully outsource systems administration tasks or to cost-effectively expand the capacity of your internal system administrator team – we are here to provide technical expertise and superior reliability combined with significant cost savings.

Helping you design new systems or upgrade old ones

If you are planning to roll-out new online systems, platforms or applications, or gearing up to upgrade, reinforce, scale and secure existing ones, we can help you with expert advice on both designing new optimal IT architectures and improving the performance, reliability and security of IT systems and infrastructure already in operation.

small_face_gedasBefore you sign up with HyperOps, we always have a discussion to help you choose both a service level and a technical hosting option to match your actual needs. But for all levels of support you always get 24x7x365 access by phone, chat or email to HyperOps engineers dedicated to ensuring that your systems, sites and applications run smoothly.
Gediminas Grigas, Managing Director
You can choose from preset Service Level options – or get one tailored for your specific needs:

Service Level SLA-1 SLA-2 SLA-3 SLA-X
Key services included under the SLA:
Uptime guaranteed by contract – from… 99.5% 99.9% 99.95% 100%
Active server level monitoring Included Included Included Included
End-to-end infrastructure administration Included Included Included Included
Hardware issues prevention and resolution Included Included Included Included
Full backups (daily or hourly) Optional Included Included Included
Active application level monitoring Optional Included Included
Guaranteed reaction and issue resolution times
Guaranteed reaction time during working hours1 2 hours 30 minutes 12 minutes < 6 minutes
Guaranteed resolution time during working hours1 4 hours 2 hours 30 minutes < 30 minutes
Guaranteed reaction time outside of working hours2 8 hours 2 hours 30 minutes < 6 minutes
Guaranteed resolution time outside of working hours2 NBD 8 hours 2 hours < 30 minutes
Additional KPIs and reports Included Included
Additional financial guarantees Optional Included
Monthly cost from: 30/mo 70/mo 150/mo Contact us

1 Working hours are 08:00-20:00 GMT+1 Monday to Friday except bank holidays.
2 Outside of working hours is 20:00-08:00 Monday to Friday and 00:00-24:00 on weekends and bank holidays.

The SLAs listed above are available with all five types of hosting options that we offer:
Not sure which option would suit you best?

We would be happy to provide advice with no strings attached!
Give us a call at +370 678 03330 or click the big button to start a chat.

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